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This Issue:April 2, 2001

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"With trade barriers coming down and Internet dissolving the geographical boundaries, global economy was becoming a reality. Against this backdrop, no organization can afford to ignore the e-marketplace and one who does so would risk being marginalized at best. The protection enjoyed by many of the businesses in the past owing to physical proximity to their buyers ceased to exist in the e-business world. It was important for an organization to understand e-business and its implications before getting into it. Like any other game, the e-business game will have winners and losers. The rules of e-business are still being written, and there is still scope for large winners and equally large losers," said Ramesh Gelli, Chairman and Managing Director of Global Trust Bank.

Indian techies see dreams grounded due to US slowdown
NEW DELHI, March 5: The US economy is going through a rough patch and this has resulted in it sending back many IT professionals from India and other countries. For Indian IT professionals aspiring to work in the US or those already working there, these are hard times. The US market is going through a V section slowdown which would mean an expected six month climb soon. The effects of the slowdown in the US economy are being felt most by Indians, who comprise the largest chunk of non-American IT professionals in that country. As per sources, manpower reserves (or bench strength, in technical parlance) in IT companies have gone up and will continue to go up. This means lower utilisation of H1B visas, given to technical professionals. The bench strength has gone up almost 100% for on-site players. It is now touching nearly 45% of the total employee strength in some companies. This has happened partly because of retrenchment, but also because projects slated for launch have been cancelled. Consequently, there is a glut of technical expertise in the US, cutting across nationalities. Though a company like Nortel is cautious where its Indian operations are concerned, it has been forced to announce a 15% cut in its global workforce. Companies in the US are getting cautious as they do not enjoy the visibility of seeing into the next two or three quarters. US companies do not know what kind of spending patterns will emerge from their clients in the wake of the slowdown and hence hiring patterns in India may also get affected.

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In this issue, we are fortunate to have another guest contributor. He is Mark Joyner, CEO, I think you will benefit from his experience and insight. These principles will work as well for doing business in the Indian marketplace as they have elsewhere...

Secret Tracking Tricks
Mark Joyner, CEO,

A surprising number of Internet marketers I speak to don't have a clue when it comes to tracking their results. Many of them who analyze their logs still don't use all of the easy tools at their disposal for keeping track of where their traffic is coming from.

If this is you, don't feel bad. We've all been there.

Now, assuming that you are analyzing your logs and doing so with a tool that will tell you the path people travel through your site (if not - start now), then you are faced with these two tricky problems:

1. How do I track the effectiveness of my email campaigns? You'll notice that a great number of hits to your site are "no referrer" traffic. That is, people that found your site either by \reading an email or just typing in your URL.

2. Knowing that not all hits are equal (a visitor from one site may be more likely to buy than one from another) how do I know which hits are generating sales for me?

These two problems can both be solved using a simple tracking method that requires no scripting. The only tool you need is your log analysis tool which I hope you already have.

The first step to this technique capitalizes on two little known features of HTML:

Fact 1:

Whenever you add a ? to the end of a .htm or .html page, it has absolutely no effect on the page that gets called up. That is, if you were to write:


The exact same page will come up. Go ahead and try it now. Pretty cool, right?


You have to append this "?" after the name of an HTML file. It won't always work if you do it at the end of a domain name (unless your server supports it or you have special scripting - which is what we're trying to avoid - you want something universal and easy, right?)

Fact 2:

Even though the same page is served when you do this, your server logs treat them as two different pages!

So, every time someone clicks on that special URL you will be able to know without question.

Now, how can you use this in your marketing?

A *great* many ways, but let me touch on some of the most important ones. By the time we're done you'll be on fire with new ideas for your marketing.

Here are a few to get you started:

1. Email

Remember how we talked about the problem of tracking email campaigns? This is the solution. You simply create a unique code for each email campaign you have (no, I don't mean spam - I'm talking about legitimate OPT-IN marketing here) and then track the results in your log files.

This will not just tell you how many clicks the campaign generated - it will also give you a good idea about how many people ordered as well. That is, you look at your report of "paths traveled through site" and pay attention to the path people took as a result of that particular campaign.

For example, if you see many instances of:

(The numbers show the order in which people viewed your pages - this is the "path traveled through site".)




And relatively fewer instances of:




Then it is safe to assume ad1 is more effective than ad2, even if ad2 brought in more raw traffic.

Remember, not all hits are equal, right?

2. Banner Campaigns

The same principle applies here. Just give each campaign a unique code and you will be able to track the effectiveness exactly as you have above.


This is not a perfect system. You need to look at your actual number of orders and see if there is some congruence between your number of order page visits and your number of orders.

Also, there is a more effective way to track this. Simply get some referral partner tracking software and assign a different referral code to each campaign. Then you will no without question that the order came as a result of the campaign.

However, referral partner software can be difficult to set up if you're not a CGI wiz and the best systems aren't cheap.

What I'm offering you here is an inexpensive way to track your campaigns that only requires:

a. Your Imagination

b. A Log File Analysis Program

Can you think of some ways to immediately apply this technique to your marketing today? I challenge you to take the rest of the day refining your marketing effort using these techniques. You will be delighted at the new insights you are shown. I bet you will be surprised to find out which of your campaigns are winners.

Copyright 1999 Aesop.Com

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NEW DELHI, March 31 (AFP) -

In a move to further open its markets to global trade India Saturday announced the lifting of import curbs on 715 items when it unveiled its export-import policy.

Announcing the trade policy for the fiscal year beginning April 1, Commerce Minister Murasoli Maran said the items which could now be freely imported included 342 textile items, 147 agricultural products, cars and alcohol.

Despite the liberalisation, import restrictions will remain on more than 100 items, primarily defence and hazardous chemicals. "All over the world, the only countries which are using quantative restrictions are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri lanka and Tunisia," said Maran.

"To get out of this league and join the other countries of the world from today onwards we are removing quantative restrictions for 715 items, bidding goodbye to the quota Raj (regime)."

India began liberalising its trade policy when it launched its economic reform programme in the early 1990s. But it maintained restrictions on imports of 1,429 items, citing balance of payment problems.

But after the United States complained, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled against India and ordered it to end curbs on all items by April 1, 2001, saying the country's balance of payment situation had improved.

Maran also announced numerous trade-supportive measures to maintain and even increase merchandise exports which have been growing at a robust 20 percent year-on-year in recent months. "The emphasis will be on end to end development of export specific products. The commerce department will supplement the efforts of the state governments in facilitating such agricultural exports."

India's exports during the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 2001 recorded 20.4 percent growth from the same period last year, a government statement said Thursday.

Total exports during the April-December period were valued at 32.26 billion dollars, against 26.79 billion dollars a year ago.

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